Elon University Buzzes with Feedback on Donald Trump’s First 100 Days

By Hannah Benson

As Donald Trump’s first 100 days nears to a close on this Saturday, April 29, universities are buzzing with opinions on how this first milestone of time

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.29.31 AM
Graphic generated by Hannah Benson.

has gone. The Elon Poll of Elon University has reported that Trump support declined in North Carolina in at the end of his first 100 days, in everything from support for the wall he proposed to construct to his social media presence.

In the same poll, nearly three-fourths of voters said Trump’s usage of Twitter is “inappropriate,” and 55 percent of people polled disagreed with his claim that America is the enemy.

Jason Husser, director of the Elon Poll, said that, “Typically, presidents enjoy strong support during their first 100 days even from former opponents or critics. The Trump presidency is different–his level of support in his first 100 days both for himself personally and for his key policies is as low as we’ve seen in the history of opinion poll. However, his core supporters remain very loyal.”

While 56 percent of North Carolina voters think Trump’s actions are consistent with his campaign promises, there is strong opposition to one of those

Rachel Golland, Elon junior.

promises – building a wall along the Mexican border. Nearly 60 percent of all voters oppose the wall in its entirety, including 92 percent of Democrats who think it’s a bad idea.

“Though President Trump enjoyed considerable support among North Carolinians on Election Day, he has lost ground among the crucial independent voters responsible for his success over Hillary Clinton,” said Husser.

Jordan Hunter, junior at Elon, said, “His twitter [account] kills him, it makes him sound absolutely awful…the way he responds to things on social media is really bad, and someone should be monitoring it.”

With every controversial issue, there are people who see both

Jordan Hunter, Elon junior.

sides. Alex Dolby, Elon freshman, made the remark that, “during the election, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Trump, but now that he’s elected I truly think he’s going to do what’s best for our country, even if people don’t see that now.”

Melissa Roy, a student worker in the Provost’s office, spoke to the situation in a very educated tone. She said, “I think his first 100 days have been completely unsuccessful, I didn’t vote for him, but I think people who did are extremely disappointed.”

“After the election, obviously the people who didn’t vote for him were disappointed, but

Alex Dolby, Elon first-year.

we could foresee some hope in that a variety of factors would keep him from going through on the lofty promises he laid out in his campaign,” says Roy.

The first 100 days wraps up tomorrow, and more sources should be reporting statistics at that time.

“100 days in though and I think a lot of people are scared, I mean, I am. I’m not sure what will become of our country in another 100, or another 100 after that,

Photo courtesy of the Elon Poll.

much less four years.”.


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