Sweet Signatures Took the Stage for their Spring Concert

By Hannah Benson

As the days turn warmer, one of Elon’s favorite A Capella groups geared up for their Spring Concert to be held the night of Friday, April 21, Sweet Signatures.

The girls of Sweet Sigs had been preparing music for their biggest concert all year and were so excited to bring their work to the stage. Last year’s concert even featured a handful of Sweet Sigs alum who came back from around the area to join their old and new members and share in song.

The girls, old and new, wore white dresses and sang “Sweet Home Carolina” to commemorate the place that brought them all together. Students were excited to see if this year’s concert would feature any graduated members.

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First-year Kirsten Chase and upcoming vice president of the group, when asked what she was excited for for the upcoming concert, said:

I am so excited for the Sigs’ concert because we have worked so incredibly hard practicing and preparing our songs and I’m really happy with the end product. It wasn’t easy, but we all really came together and accomplished what we needed to do in a relatively short period of time.

The girls had promised that their set list was completely confidential, but some participants of this year’s Elonthon had heard a few of the girls practicing V V Brown’s

The Sweet Signatures performing a number during their concert at Whitley Auditorium.

“Shark in the Water” in the bathroom in stunning harmony. So, it was assumed that some of the set list had been revealed.

Jess Pusch, a sophomore who has been in the group since she first came to Elon, was more than enthusiastic to speak about the event in the days before it.

“I’m so excited to be able to show off all of the hard work we have been putting into this performance and share it with the people we love,” says Pusch. “The women in this group are so incredibly passionate and driven and every day spent rehearsing and being with them is so wonderful. We’re sad to be saying goodbye to our magnificent seniors but the love they have put into this group for the past four years is something that stays forever.”

The concert starred all of the group’s members and did, in fact feature a handful of graduated students who had once been part of the group’s membership. They hailed from up and down the East Coast to be present for the event. Possibly the most touching distance traveled for the concert was on part of the president, Hailey Harn, whose parents flew in from California to see her last performance.

“It the first Sweet Sigs concert I’d ever seen,” says first-year Megan Donahue, “and I can’t believe I missed them for so long. I mean, even I started crying when they sang their final song, and I don’t know any of them.”


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