Colleges Against Cancer Gears Up for Annual Relay for Life

As the school year dwindles to its close, another of Elon’s most cherished and long-

One of Colleges Against Cancer’s executives, posing behind the instagram frame to raise awareness.

standing events, Relay for Life, is quickly approaching. The event is a 12-hour long team marathon put on by Colleges Against Cancer to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

The way the event works is this: teams of students sign up for the event, raise money to promote it and then arrive on the day of the event and walk laps around the track for the twelve hours allotted. Unlike Elonthon, however, people are encouraged to rest when they choose not to walk – only one person from each team is absolutely required to walk at all times, so that students can enjoy the event together without having to worry about how weary their bodies will be in the aftermath of the event.

Jordan Burk, the entertainment chair for Relay for Life, had this to say when asked about the event, how it pertained to her life, and why she was excited about it this year.

This year’s theme for the event is “Cirque Du Soleil” – the executive team plans to decorate the venue to reflect the carnival-esque theme.

“I’m super excited to raise as much money as we can for American cancer society,” says Burk. “We’re really hoping to beat our goal of $100,000 this year and I think we definitely can do it.”

“People should expect tons of food trucks throughout the night, entertainment from acapella groups, dance teams, comedy and fun games such as bingo and trivia,” she explains.

The event will be held on the Belk track from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., and students are free to come and go as they please, so long as folks from their team are present throughout. The Colleges Against Cancer team is using this final week to solidify registrants and get more people to come out and participate.

Zach Stromeyer of CAC wears all purple to show his support.

Alexa Lowey, another executive member of CAC, said that, “honestly, we’re finalizing everything this week logistically and just trying to get as many people to register as possible. We have to watch the weather because if it rains we can’t be outside on the track. So just figuring out last minute things but it’s definitely still keeping us busy.”

The event this year is projected to raise more money than ever before and have a larger registrant base than in years prior, and they invite anyone and everyone to at least come out and see what’s going on.

“And personally,” says Burk, “I relay for my dad who passed away from brain cancer just before my 10th birthday, but also for all of the survivors and people still fighting. Cancer doesn’t sleep during this difficult battle, but neither do we at Relay.”


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