Fellows Come to Elon

By Hannah Benson

The first of a long season of admissions events here at Elon University is coming up this weekend, Fellows Weekend. This is an event held annually for rising first-year students, both those who are committed to Elon and those who are still deciding, in order for them to interview with the university’s fellows programs in their variety of disciplines.

img_6250These programs are as follows; the Business Fellows, the College Fellows, the Communications Fellows, the Honors Fellows, the Leadership Fellows and the Teaching Fellows. The four programs besides Honors and Leadership relate to direct schools at Elon, where the other two aren’t school-based.

This events of the weekend are put on by Admissions as well as the directors of each fellows program, where tour guides as well as students in the programs are running events for students and their parents.

All students in fellows programs at the university are also required to partake in mingling events with students at a variety of receptions, meaning that they’re all placed in a room to speak to whomever they please and get to know the prospective members.

First-year student and Communications Fellow Kirsten Chase, when asked about the upcoming weekend, had this to say, “I am so excited for fellows weekend in just a few days. I remember just how nervous I was going into the weekend [last year], so I know what the new interviewees must be feeling like. Fellows Weekend was really fun and I talked to so many people who were very passionate and welcoming.”IMG_6248.jpg

Kevin Napp, director of campus visit and associate director of admissions, when asked about the weekend said, “Fellows weekend is the first of many admissions pushes we have in the spring, and it’s one of my favorites. These kids are really gung-ho about Elon and the programs they’re pursuing. We really try to buy them and they are trying to buy us.”

Napp is coordinating the schedules for the 100+ student tour guides who report back to him. He is delegating all the work for the weekend, and mentions that it should be a success, what with the talent of his employees.

“Tour guides at Elon are the exact kind of people who really sell Elon,” he says. “I can’t imagine not wanting to come here after an encounter with one of our guides.

Elon junior and tour guide from California, Zaria Zinn, had this to say when asked why she was looking forward to Fellows Weekend, “Fellows weekend is so much better than a regular tour weekend because of how engaged the students are and how willing they are to ask questions. These kids are really hooked on Elon and that’s something you don’t see on a regular tour every day.”

The event will mainly be scheduled for Friday afternoon, March 3, and Saturday, March 4. Students are expected to hail from all over the United States and beyond to attend.

“I can’t wait for these kids to come and experience what I went through last year, the weekend really solidified for me that I wanted to be a fellow,” Chase said.


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