Elon’s wheels are turning

A new initiative is blazing a trail on campus since its launch on FebruIMG_6211.JPGary 21. Elon’s Student Government Association has recently launched a bike share program in partnership with Zagster which is taking campus by storm.

As if Elon students don’t spend enough time outside in the sunshine, the new bike share program will promote outdoor activity for students who perhaps seek a faster way to get to and from class, and who are interested in biking but may not have a bike on campus. The way the program works is this: students who are interested in renting a bike are encouraged to go to the bike station, which is located outside of the Moseley Student Center and pay to check out a bike for a measure of time.

The cost for checking out a bike is completely free for the first three hours, then three dollars each hour the bike is kept afterwards. In order to check out the bike, students must downIMG_6212.JPGload the Zagster app and enter the number of the bike they’re seeking to check out, then take the code that the app spits out for them, plug it into the keypad on the back of the bike, and it is released from the station. 

SGA student senator Sophie Zinn had this to say when asked about the program and why she was excited for its launch, “we at SGA really try to take the student perspective into account when deciding what we can do to better this school, and this idea came purely from the suggestion of the student body, which is awesome.”

The student perspective is vitally important to those working in the Student Government Association, as the activities and things they implement around campus are products of the complaints and suggestions that students have.

Amanda Yaffa, rising sophomore class secretary, says, “I love the bike share program we have implemented at Elon, because it’s a really case-and-point way to show the students that if there’s something they want, we will make it happen. Simple as that.”

The bike share program plans to stay at Elon as long as students are interested in it.


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