Elon Ballin’

Elon University’s Student Government Association just launched their first annual Elon Ball last night, and it was a success for those who attended and those who threw the event.

A few weeks before, SGA sent out an email to all students, inviting them to the event that promised appetizers, desserts and live music. Just Wednesday, students received another 16665193_10154334806535949_539501601091841743_oemail reminding them about the event and all that it entailed. It listed that the Elon Ball will be held in the Great Hall from 8-11pm, and that all Elon students were welcome to the event. Additionally, outside guests accompanied by students were also welcomed, so long as they agreed to fill out a waiver on site that ensured they abide by the local laws and the Elon University honor code.

The invitations also mentioned that the ball would be black tie optional, meaning there was no required dress code, but those who planned the event encouraged students to wear more formal attire. Lastly, students were told that there would be a cash bar for 21+ that would take debit/credit and cash as well.

Students didn’t know what to expect from the event going in, but many went due to curiosity and interest. The total amount of students who attended neared 1,500. Practically IMG_6161.JPGall who attended followed the dress code and wore their best.

Elon sophomore Sam Chilton, when asked about the event, said that, “I was surprised with how many students attended and how well-done the event was. The food was incredible, the Great Hall was gorgeous and the band was so talented. I had so much fun – I’ll definitely come back if they do it again.”

Elyse Cowles, an Elon sophomore and member of the Student Government Association, had this to say about the event, “I was really nervous, I think we all were, going in to the event – everyone thought it would be a little sketchy as far as turn out goes, but really, we were so pleased. It was so exciting to see so many of my fellow students come out and attend the event we all worked so hard for. I can’t wait for next year’s.”

The band was possibly the highlight of the night, what with their vibrant dance moves and boundless energy that made everyone want to dance, too.

“I had a ton of fun,” says sophomore Evan Sassaman. “The event was so classy and well-attended, I told my whole family about and they’re jealous. They’re totally gonna come and visit this time next year so they can come, too.”


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