Annual Elon Day rings in with gusto

The spring months at Elon bring an event ringing in its fourth annual appearance wherein donors are invited to celebrate and support the school, this is known as Elon Day. 

maxresdefault.jpgThis is a 24-hour period for students, parents, alumni and other supporters of Elon to donate money that continues to support the university in all of its endeavors.

On the last Elon Day, the university received 3,749 gifts that raised $955,099, the largest sum gathered from an Elon Day yet. 70 percent of these were donations totaling $50 and under, 60% were from alumni and 21% were from parents. In addition, there were over 4,500 mentions of the event’s hashtag, “#ElonDay” across social media in the 24-hour period. It was noted as a national trending topic on Twitter and Instagram.

There are hopes that this year’s event can exceed the success from the year prior.

Megan McClure.

“We are hoping alumni support Elon and parents support Elon and friends support Elon throughout the year,” says Director of Development Communications Megan McClure,”but this kind of gives people a 24-hour time period to do it.

The 24-hour period, “gets people really excited,” says Mclure, making it more likely that people are willing to donate, considering the hype and excitement surrounding the event.

Elon junior Maddy Gross says that, “I didn’t really know what Elon

Maddy Gross.

Day was until last year when there was such a fuss about it, but I really enjoyed it. I think the most effective part of the day was how people supported it on social media, it was really huge on twitter and instagram.”

“I’m always interested in free food and supporting my university,” says Gross.

Keren Rivas.

Keren Rivas, the Assistant Director of University Communications for Alumni Communications, spoke to the importance of the event as being a time for the Elon community to gather together and celebrate the school. “There’s no set goal as for money to be raised,” said Rivas, emphasizing instead that the day is for people to support the school in any way they can. See her video interview with students here.

Elon junior Sophie Faxon says, “I’m really excited about Elon Day this year, it’s such a positive time for the Elon community to get together and celebrate our incredible institution.”

Sophie Faxon.

“I for one, am excited to be able to celebrate and toast my awesome school,” says Faxon, “and the free snacks don’t hurt, either.


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