Campus Rec on the hiring rise

By Hannah Benson

Elon University’s Campus Rec student employees have been all over the hiring scene in the past week as they prepare for the demands of spring semester.

The student group exercise team ventured to the lovely James Madison University this past weekend in order to attend a Southeastern collegiate fitness expo to up their games and develop some new skills for the spring athletic season. Student teams from colleges hailing from all parts of the American Southeast attended as well.

Elon+Campus+Rec.jpgOn Monday the 13th, a handful of the group exercise instructors attended practicals for potential new hires, in which aspiring group exercise instructors come into the studios and teach a prospective 15-minute class to the current employees, so that the student workers can get an idea of the potential for students to lead a class in the future. All the students who attended the practicals had passed through the first two rounds of interviews for the position.

Campus Rec is the largest student employer on campus, as they hire large amounts of students for a smatterbench-press.jpging of positions every fall and spring for a variety of positions, including work maintaining equipment and tending to students in the fitness center, to working behind the check-in desk during open hours. This week is wrapping up the spring hiring season.

Group exercise instructor and Elon sophomore Hanna Harper had this to say about the practicals, “It’s interesting to see how other people perceive group exercise classes and implement them on their own. Between the conference I attended this weekend and the prospective sessions I experienced at practicals, I have been exposed to a variety of different styles. It’s cool to see how others teach,” she says.

Elon sophomore Celia Ahrens, Campus Recreation employee had the following to say when asked about the hiring rise, “it’s nice to get some fresh faces around the campus rec department, and it makes things a little more interesting when I’m swiping kids into the gym at 6 a.m. Having someone to train makes that morning wake-up a little more manageable, knowing that I can have some company behind the desk. I’m excited to see who we get,” she states.

Within the next week Campus Recreation should have compiled their roster of hires for the spring season, in all of their 10 areas, including group exercise, elon outdoors and others. Harper remarks that, “I really love working for Campus Rec. I have an incredible team of people I get to work alongside, and I get to do what I love for a paycheck. It keeps me active and keeps my bank account happy.”


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