Elonthon on the Move

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Elonthon, are preparing for another (what’s sure to be) successful annual event. This year will be the 15th anniversary of the first Elonthon, which came to campus in the spring of 2002, so the executive board has a lot of exciting things up their sleeves.

Elonthon is a 24-hour student-run dance marathon that benefits the patients and families at Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center, the local Children’s Miracle Network recipient.

All participating students are required to raise $100.00, but they are encouraged to raise more than that.

The event’s motto, “For the Kids,” or “FTK,” can be found on all of the event’s marketing platforms and is used to remind participants, donors and spectators that all of their efforts go toward helping hospitalized children.

Students can sign up for 6-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour shifts.

Dancer Recruitment Chair and Elon junior Sydney Epstein had this to say when asked what she’s looking forward to in this year’s event; “this event means so much to me, and it all revolves around mu love for giving back to the young children affected by diseases that qualify them as Miracle Network patients in the first place.This is why I and many of the other members of the executive board are willing to donate so much of our time planning and executing the event.”

“Because of Elonthon, I honestly have a new perspective on life; I plan to keep each Miracle Child’s story in mind as I deal with small problems in my life in order to remind myself that these young and innocent children have been through more difficult times than I ever will,” said Morale Chair and Elon junior Nicole Sanz when asked why she is involved.

Jack Hamilton, Elon sophomore and Facilities Chair for Elonthon, had this to say when asked about the event. “Elonthon isn’t necessarily doing anything different this year, but we will be making the event more interactive with a variety of entertainment events. This year, I’m looking forward to doing everything in my power to help my committee members understand why we ‘thon’ and have them explore their own reasons.”

“I also look forward to developing close relationships with my committee members and doing things to appreciate them,” says Hamilton. “Without them, Elonthon could simply not happen.”



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