Tour Tumult comes to campus

The student employees of the Elon University admissions team are gearing up for their busiest time of year: sDSC_0073.JPGpring semester.

Fresh on the new academic season with 31 new tour guide hires, the office is prepared for success in this hectic admissions season, when seniors in high school who applied to Elon will be making last-minute decisions, meaning that there is a high demand for tours. The 31 new guides, 11 of which hold the title of “Diversity Ambassador,” have been groomed to get out on the scene and tackle the chaotic series of events put on by the office of admissions in the next few weeks, including Rising Phoenix Weekends, Maroon Mondays and Phoenix Fridays.

While the office does a great job training guides to be informed and personable, some of the younger hires are still trying to figure out kinks in the system, what with schedules being hard to read and I-9 forms being challenging to fill out.

Sophomore Jack Hamilton, a new guide from Illinois, had this to say about the upcoming employment season. “I have to say, I’m really looking forward to the upcoming admissions season, because the work I do doesn’t even feel like work. I mean, I walk around campus all the time, now I’m just getting paid to talk at the same time.”

DSC_0038.JPGThe new guides who were on campus for winter term did a bulk of their training at that time, in the form of seminars, information sessions and practicing speaking to prospective students. The guides who were abroad or at home during winter term are to make up their training in the early weeks of spring semester so that they can get out on the scene as soon as possible.

Elon junior and seasoned guide Zaria Zinn said, when asked about the busy upcoming season, “I personally love spring admission season at Elon. It’s certainly busy and hectic, but I like meeting new kids and it keeps my bank account happy.”

First-year student Rachel Brown, a Diversity Ambassador and new hire, when asked how she feels about the upcoming chaos, said, “Working at admissions is so exciting, and there is a lot more that goes into training and guiding than one would think. Kevin Napp, my boss, tells us that April and March are going to be tour-heavy months because prospective students are making the big decisions.”

Diversity Ambassadors are a special part of the Elon University community, these are students who identify with a minority background and who work as a team to generate information on upcoming events and clubs in the community area that support diversity education. These students are a resource for prospective as well as current students.

Brown spoke about how she was very influenced by the tour guide she had when she first came to Elon, and that this person did a lot to convince her to consider the school. She said she really felt how much her tour guide loved Elon, and that she hoped she could be a part of that someday.

“I’m really excited to get a lot of experience,” says Brown, “and hopefully I will be able to be that person to convince students to come to Elon.”


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